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These are the web pages for the computer cluster of CMS collaboration in Milano-Bicocca1, now registered as the GRID site INFN-MIB. The main goal of this project is offer a local computing resource to the CMS  Milano-Bicocca collaboration for analyses and data simulation. The cluster is composed of  several computing nodes (multiprocessor, multicore rack-mounted servers) connected together by a GigaBit Switch in a private network. All the computing nodes are members of a Fibre Channel Storage Area Network, connected by a Fibre Channel Switch to the storage system. All the nodes share the same disk space via GPFS2 file system. The storage system is composed by three FC-to-SATA RAID storage (~60 TB RAID0/5) with redundant power supply and controller. Failover and redundancy of the links to the storage are managed by  the multipath software. TORQUE/OpenPBS is the bach system. A  gateway server allows users to login and to run interactive jobs. Two cluster nodes are configured  as  GRID Storage Element (SE)  with STORM installed. Users of the cluster can  run GRID jobs and redirect the output on the SE. The are  also two dedicated file servers: one for the managment,  monitoring  and administration of the cluster; the other for the on-line  daily backup of the user area.



1(INFN Sezione di Milano-Bicocca, Dipartimento di fisica "G. Occhialini").

2 GPFS (General Parallel File System) is developed by IBM


The new grid site INFN-MIB
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New Storage Element
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New server opteron and slc5

A new server (called catalina) has been added to the cluster.

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New server (enterprise.mib.infn.it) installed - virtualization and GPFS.
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A new 16 TB storage system has been added to the SAN.

A new 16 TB storage system (InforTrend S16F-R1430) has been added to the SAN.

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CMS Cluster is moved on a new place!

Finally, we have  a new computing room for the CMS cluster.

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new storm version

The version 1.4.2-00.sl4 of storm srm has been successfully installed.


STORM (Storage Resource Manager) has been successfully installed.

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Cluster Upgrade

Storage Element server and the Cluster Administration server (pcmaster01) have been upgraded.

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Now it is available the Job Archive.

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How to monitor the batch system

A new tool has been added in ganglia: Jobmonarch

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New web pages for the CMS@MIB cluster !